The Questions You Should Be Asking Before Sending Your CV To Recruiters


Though you may want to get your CV to your recruiter as quickly as possible there are a few questions you should ask before hitting send.


Here Are 4 Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. Does it create impact upon opening?
    • Grabbing the attention of the recruiter right away is important, here’s how to do it:

    Ask Yourself:

    • Do I have a persuasive CV?
    • Can the recruiter quickly see my suitability for my target roles?
  2. Is it easy to read?
    • Recruiters are not going to have the time to read through paragraphs of information.

    Ask Yourself:

    • Do I have clearly divided sections?
    • Are the proper headings in bold?
    • Do I have bullet points and broken up text where they need to be?
  3. Have I proved my value?
    • Your CV needs to show the value of your work with quantified achievements.

    Ask Yourself:

    • Am I showing how I have improved processes?
    • Have I shown examples of how I saved my previous company money or how I delivered on a big project?
  4. Is it easy to contact me?
    • A recruiter should never question how to reach you.

    Ask Yourself:

    • Is my contact information clearly stated and easy to find?
    • The email and phone number provided are correct and working?


After asking yourself these 4 questions you can hit send with confidence and your recruiter will thank you! One last bit of advice…Don’t forget to attach your CV!


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