Whether you need tips for time management or stress here are a few tips to get you through the work week.

Save Some Time:

  • By creating a cheat sheet of all the information you use daily you can save a lot of time. Simply copy & paste.

  • Do you find yourself writing the same email over and over again? Create templates and use auto-fill to save some time.

Get More Done:

  • Create blocks of untouchable time on your calendar. This time block is for you to get in the zone and produce results.

  • Clean up your browser; limit yourself so you don’t find yourself distracted or multitasking too much.

Plan Ahead:

  • Before leaving work, go over what your next day looks like.

  • Make sure your most important tasks are scheduled into your day, not just a to-do list.  

Reduce Stress:

  • Go for a 5 minute walk if you ever find yourself tired of being stuck at your desk.

  • Play your favorite music

  • Make a cup of tea

  • Smile 

Comment below if you have a tip you would like to share!


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