5 Ways To Nail A Phone Interview


Today’s increasingly busy digital world means many employers are turning to phone interviews to quickly get to know a candidate better. After you pass the phone interview usually then is when you’ll be invited for a face to face. 




  1. Choose a quite location to take the call:
  • Do not interview while driving or in a loud location where there are lots of distractions.
  • Take the interview call in a quiet location where you can focus and avoid interruption.


  1. Be prepared:
  • Prepare for a phone interview just as you would for a face-to-face interview.
  • Review the company’s website.
  • Learn the names of their executive staff, the different departments within the company, and read any recent news you can find regarding them.
  • Print out any reference materials.


  1. Answer with, “Hello, this is [Name]”:
  • Answer the phone professionally, stating your name clearly.
  • This is a simple way to avoid any confusion.


  1. Use a friendly and upbeat tone of voice:
  • Engage the caller with an upbeat and friendly tone of voice, and by responding to questions with enough detail and enthusiasm. 


  1. Have a professional voicemail message, just in case:
  • Not only is this a good idea in case you miss the call but if you have submitted an application to several companies you never know when one will call to present an opportunity.
  • Prepare with a professional voicemail and maintain the same level of enthusiasm when setting up your voice message.


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