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Some interesting egg facts to share while you enjoy activities with your family and friends this Easter weekend. EGG-CELLENT FACTS:   The shape of an Egg – An egg can be more rounded or pointed; this all depends on the species of the bird. Researchers have cataloged 1,400 different variations of egg shapes. The color… Read more »

7 Career Tips For The Young Professional

Life after college can be daunting.  Below are a few simple tips to help establish the foundation to a successful livelihood.   WRANGLE IN ESSENTIAL LIFE RESPONSIBILITIES Skills such as – Living within your means, starting a 401k, dealing with rejection, paying bills on time and having a good credit score. PUSH YOUR LIMITS BEYOUND… Read more »

Women In Science

March is Women’s History month. To celebrate the many contributions women have made to Life Science here are 5 of History’s Greatest Female Scientists.   Marie Curie 1867-1934 Marie is also the only women in history to win Nobel Prizes in two different scientific categories. Along with her husband she first discovered the radioactive elements… Read more »

Tomorrow, February 28th will be the tenth International Rare Disease Day coordinated by Eurordis . Since 2008 on the last day of February organizations from countries and regions all over the world hold activities designed to raise awareness on rare diseases and the struggles patient’s/families face.    WHAT IS RARE DISEASE DAY? The main objective… Read more »


International Women in Science Day was created in 2015 by the Royal Academy of Science International Trust and The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs to recognize the fundamental roles women play in science. “Science and gender equality are both vital for the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 Agenda… Read more »

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The application process is very competitive; here are 4 ways you can stand out!   Update LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a virtual professional network for online resumes and networking, a personal branding source that should continually be updated to show your most up to date skills and experience. Link to your publications, posters, patents and… Read more »

10 Time Management Skills To Master

10 Time Management Skills To Master

Stay On Track – Schedule your day before it unfolds. Remember The Basics – Use planners and calendaring to help you prioritize your work day. Schedule your activities in shorter increments to really use your time effectively. (e.g. 15 minutes not 30 minutes) Complete Harder Tasks First – It’s best to get them done and…

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Life Cycle: Formation- Storms in disturbed area of ocean Tropical depression- Thunderstorms start to swirl around a centre Tropical storm- Winds over 39 mph Hurricane- Winds over 74 mph Inside: Eye Wall – Composed of dense clouds that contain the strongest winds in the storm. Eye- Relatively calm, center area approximately 20-40 miles across. Warm… Read more »


Chemistry of Grilling - Happy Labor Day - RD Partners

Labor Day is a holiday held to honor the contributions and achievements of workers all over America and Canada. It is celebrated on the first Monday in September and in many other countries on May 1st. Fun Facts on Labor Day: Labor Day is celebrated by most American’s as the symbolic end of the summer…

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