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5 Ways to work Smarter not Harder

5 Ways to work smarter not harder

It’s easy to get lost in the numerous tasks we need to accomplished every day and what value they really have.  Try these 5 tips and see how working smarter not harder saves you some time in the office.   Comment below if these tips have had an impact on your work! 5 Ways to… Read more »


For a long time I was one of those people who would come home from work and immediately turn on the TV. I decided to try an experiment and instead of watching so much TV I stated doing a mix of these 10 things to be happier and more productive after work! 10 ThingsTo DO… Read more »


Having worked with email for as long as I have I can honestly say I’ve seen it all. Subject lines that left me confused, made my eyes roll, or a mix of the two.  The point of this articles it to clear up all that confusion so the next time you send an email to… Read more »

8 Career Refreshing and Boosting steps

There are still 3 weeks left in 2017 and before we start the holidays and celebrations ask yourself how prepared are you to start another year?   Here are 8 Career Refreshing and Boosting Steps:   Write Out Your One-Year Plan Do you have your sights set on a promotion or raise? How are you… Read more »

4 Body Language Mistakes To Avoid At

Your body language can say so much about what type of employee you are.  Here are 4 common body language mistakes employees make and tips on how to improve them. Weak Handshake Handshakes matter because they often serve as the “first impression”. Having a weak handshake sends the vibe that you are shy and lack… Read more »

Out Of Office – Holiday Accessibility (1)

As we get closer to the end of the year, more and more holidays, are upon us.  This means truncated work weeks, time away from the office for vacations and holiday parties.   As much as we are all ready for a break make sure you do the following before checking out: Set an Out of… Read more »


A cheat sheet of buzzwords and phrases that are popular at the moment. Elevator Pitch A quick way to communicate your purpose and talents. Compelling and to the point, elevator pitches aim to pique someone’s interest and entice them to learn more about you. Culture Fit To express or exhibit the values, behavior and attitude… Read more »


If you can accomplish these 10 things before noon you are well on your way to having a very productive day. Here are 10 things that great employees accomplish before noon.   Make A Work To-Do List The Day Before. Get A Full Night’s Rest. Avoid Hitting Snooze. Eat Breakfast. Exercise. Arrive At The Office… Read more »

Indispensable at work

10 Ways to be the stand out employee who is simply indispensable.   ① Don’t be afraid to take the lead/ownership ② Always go the extra mile (the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the ‘extra’) ③ Make sure you understand the company’s bottom line and how you add value ④ Offer solutions to challenges… Read more »

10 Simple Ways To Recharge

10 Ways To Recharge

Are you feeling stressed or swamped at work? Here are a few simple things you can do to recharge your battery. 10 simple ways you can recharge without taking a vacation. Go for a walk without your phone Listen to a podcast Exercise for at least 20 min a day Practice yoga Read a book…

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