Hello QB3 Company

We are proud to be the founding recruitment partner for QB3, and look forward to working with you and your team.

R&D Partners, part of the CVPartners family of companies, is a technical, specialty search firm with a focus on recruiting exceptional Life Science professionals for our Biopharmaceutical, Medical Device, Diagnostic and Biofuels clients. We are focused on identifying and placing consultants and permanent professionals on a contingent basis. Our experienced Account Management and Recruitment team is skilled at identifying quality candidates with industry experience quickly in order to ensure that your goals and objectives are met.

The reasons most of our early stage clients cite for partnering with us include the following:

  1. Their team is too small to have a person dedicated to the laborious hiring process; with a company of less than 10 people they cannot afford the time it takes to have their technical staff posting ads and sifting through hundreds of responses.
  2. They do not want to deal with the hassle of the statutory taxes and burden (including unemployment insurance and benefits) included when hiring an employee so they would rather hire W2 contract employees through R&D Partners- this is especially relevant for the companies located in the Mission Bay campus due to the Healthy SF Ordinance.
  3. They are not sure what their funding situation will look like 6 months down the road so they would prefer to hire contractors until things are less nebulous.
  4. They realize that they need an additional pair of hands in the lab as early as next week.

In order to make this process as smooth as possible, we have created the Requisition Order Form for QB3 associated companies which you can find below. Please fill out the form in its entirety based on your current hiring need. Once this step is complete you will hear from an R&D Partners team member within 24 hours regarding next steps in this process. Please follow the job description template to provide details of the position requirements, roles and responsibilities, and job functions.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you!


The R&D Partners Team

Online Requisition Form