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3 Interview Questions and How To Nail Them

Not all interview questions are straight and to the point. Some may have you sitting there scratching your head. The last thing you want to do is appear unprepared in front of the hiring managers. Here are 3 questions that can seem intimidating but with some practice you can nail them. Why should we hire…

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Parkinson’s Linked To Gut Bacteria

One of the world’s most common debilitating brain disorders is Parkinson’s disease. Researchers have found a link between the bacteria in the gut and the onset of Parkinson’s disease. This new finding can change the way we treat the disease, suggesting that the best way for treatment would be the gut rather than the brain.

Chemo Response Foretold by Leukemia Stem Cell Biomarker

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto is utilizing LSC17, a biomarker found in Leukemia Stem Cells, to determine if conventional treatments will be effective.  If present, the biomarker causes greater chance of relapse.  LSC17 causes makes cells dormant, allowing them to avoid effects of chemotherapy, developing after presumed remission.   Here Are The Details: Stem… Tags: , , , , , , , ,

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Molecular Switch Finding May Help Drive Stem Cells to Desired Cell Type

Using CRISPR, epigenetic researchers at the Babraham Institute in the United Kingdom control gene activity in human embryonic stem cells.  The understanding of the targeted molecular switches on PRC2 increases the efficiency of differentiating stem cells, furthering their regenerative medicine research. Here are their findings: During development of an embryo and during the specialization of… Tags: , , , , , ,

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Trying To Land a Remote Position? Here are 4 Skills Your Resume Should Highlight!

Have you been dreaming of working a remote position? One that allows you some flexibility and freedom! Remote positions require a particular set of skills, regardless of what kind of job it is. If you’ve been working on landing a remote position but aren’t sure if you’re qualified, here is a list of skills you need to be… Tags: , , , , ,

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Platypus Venom Could Spur Diabetes Treatment

Australian researchers have discovered a remarkable evolutionary changes to insulin regulation in two of the nation’s most iconic native animal species, the platypus and the echidna (spiny anteater), which could pave the way for new treatments for Type 2 Diabetes in humans. Their findings have now been published in the Nature Journal Scientific Reports and reveal that the…

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Christopher Peetz, Former Chief Financial Officer and Head of Corporate Development Tobira Therapeutics

Chris Peetz

R&D Partners is excited to attend the BioScience Forum, volunteering monthly at the networking and presentation event. This month, Christopher Peetz, Former Chief Financial Officer and Head of Corporate Development Tobira Therapeutics Will be presenting on “Improvement of Fibrosis in Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Patients; Clinical Development of a Potential Small Molecule Therapeutic” Join R&D Partners… Tags: , , , , ,

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Novel Technique May Lead to Design of New and Improved Antibiotics

Scientists at the University of North Carolina say they have discovered a way to make precise changes to an enzyme-driven “assembly line” allowing researchers to improve or change the properties of an existing antibiotic. Their findings being the first to successfully and efficiently manipulate which building blocks the enzyme selects in the act of synthesizing… Tags: , , ,

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Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Often times we focus so much on how we’re going to answer all the potential interview questions correctly that we forget we are there to ask questions too. The questions you ask can set you apart and confirm your qualifications as the right candidate for the position.  We have prepared a list so when the… Tags: , , , , ,

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5 Terrific Turkey Facts

They Sleep In Trees- Because turkeys are so large and heavy it is assumed that they stick to the ground when in fact they like to sleep perched atop tree branches, where they are safe from predators Female Turkeys Don’t Gobble- Don’t be disappointed if you see a turkey that won’t gobble, it’s probably just a…

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