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This January marks R&D Partner’s 10 year Anniversary in placing Scientific, Clinical Research & Engineering professionals in the US Life Science Industry. We would like to thank all the clients, employees and candidates that we have worked with along the way. Thank you!  


Creating an effective personal career plan is a vital to developing a career you deserve and love.  Go through the below four steps and carefully answer the questions to identify your goals and note the actions you need to take to get you there.  By building and effective personal career path, you can effectively guide… Read more »

Opening up to your colleagues always feels like the right thing you do but at what point do you feel like you’ve crossed a line? Sharing aspects of yourself in the right way can do wonders for your career and office life. At the same time oversharing and revealing the wrong things can have a… Read more »


Just because Ice and Snow are both solid forms of water, doesn’t make them the same. Here is the difference between them: WHAT IS SNOW? Snow is the word for precipitation that falls as frozen water. A snowflake is made up of many tiny ice crystals stuck together, like raindrops, snowflakes begin as water vapour… Read more »

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Having worked with email for as long as I have I can honestly say I’ve seen it all. Subject lines that left me confused, made my eyes roll, or a mix of the two.  The point of this articles it to clear up all that confusion so the next time you send an email to… Read more »

Christmas Science_ 8 Interesting Facts About Reindeer

Thanks to songs like Rudolph the Red-noise Reindeer, these fascinating creatures are synonymous with Christmas. How much do you actually know about reindeer? HERE ARE 8 INTERESTING FACTS YOU AND YOUR KINDS WILL BE DELIGHTED TO KNOW: Reindeer live in very large packs of sometimes thousands in the Arctic Forests. Reindeer’s have a very thick… Read more »

8 Career Refreshing and Boosting steps

There are still 3 weeks left in 2017 and before we start the holidays and celebrations ask yourself how prepared are you to start another year?   Here are 8 Career Refreshing and Boosting Steps:   Write Out Your One-Year Plan Do you have your sights set on a promotion or raise? How are you… Read more »

4 Body Language Mistakes To Avoid At

Your body language can say so much about what type of employee you are.  Here are 4 common body language mistakes employees make and tips on how to improve them. Weak Handshake Handshakes matter because they often serve as the “first impression”. Having a weak handshake sends the vibe that you are shy and lack… Read more »

5 quick changes

Revising and updating your resume can take some time, time not everyone has. If you’re looking to revamp your resume but don’t have a lot of time here are 5 quick, easy ways to make your resume standout and get noticed.  Remove the Fancy Formatting A clean, well-organized resume is highly preferred over one with… Read more »