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5 “feel good” Science Breakthroughs you may have missed:   Common Cold Cure A Step Closer Scientists claim to have “cracked” the genetic code which underpins the illness’s many strains. Researchers now say a simple gene-targeting drug able to cure all examples of the virus may be available within ten years.   The Ozone Layer… Read more »

5 Ways To Nail A Phone Interview

Today’s increasingly busy digital world means many employers are turning to phone interviews to quickly get to know a candidate better. After you pass the phone interview usually then is when you’ll be invited for a face to face.    HERE ARE 5 TIPS TO NAILING THAT PHONE INTERVIEW!   Choose a quite location to… Read more »


The application process is very competitive; here are 4 ways you can stand out!   Update LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a virtual professional network for online resumes and networking, a personal branding source that should continually be updated to show your most up to date skills and experience. Link to your publications, posters, patents and… Read more »

How Blood Stain Pattern

When a crime scene involves blood someone can be hurt or worse, dead. In situations like this law enforcement officials call upon experts in bloodstain pattern analysis or BPA to determine the details of what happened as quickly as possible. Every drop of blood tells a story, here is how experts piece together the mystery… Read more »


A cheat sheet of buzzwords and phrases that are popular at the moment. Elevator Pitch A quick way to communicate your purpose and talents. Compelling and to the point, elevator pitches aim to pique someone’s interest and entice them to learn more about you. Culture Fit To express or exhibit the values, behavior and attitude… Read more »

Science Experiment- Why Do Leaves Change Colors In Autumn-

As autumn sets in you probably have notice the beautiful changing colors of leaves. Here is a simple experiment you can do at home that shows you why leaves change their colors in autumn. MATERIALS: 3 leaves (from the same tree) Rubbing Alcohol Jar Plastic baggie (or plastic wrap) Paper Coffee Filter Small bowl or… Read more »


If you can accomplish these 10 things before noon you are well on your way to having a very productive day. Here are 10 things that great employees accomplish before noon.   Make A Work To-Do List The Day Before. Get A Full Night’s Rest. Avoid Hitting Snooze. Eat Breakfast. Exercise. Arrive At The Office… Read more »

How Diseases got their names

Alzheimer’s Disease 1901, Alois Alzheimer analyzed a 51 year old women at an asylum who had no short term memory. When she died he dissected her brain and presented the illness as Alzheimer ’s disease. Asperger’s Syndrome 1944, Asperger named the disease after he observed a group of children and described their illness as ‘autistic… Read more »

Indispensable at work

10 Ways to be the stand out employee who is simply indispensable.   ① Don’t be afraid to take the lead/ownership ② Always go the extra mile (the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the ‘extra’) ③ Make sure you understand the company’s bottom line and how you add value ④ Offer solutions to challenges… Read more »

The Science of getting old

WHY WE AGE: Eventually the cells in our bodies become less equipped to repair and replicate themselves. This process of senescence is the basis of aging. Scientists believe senescence is an irreversible step in the lives of cells. What is not known is why this happens in the first place. One Theory is that senescence… Read more »