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Priority Matrix

If you feel like you’re drowning in a full inbox and multiple voicemails you can definitely benefit from this priority matrix tool.  Time management is a tool you can improve with these 4 steps.   IMPROVE YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT WITH THESE 4 STEPS: Urgent and Important Not Urgent but Important Urgent but Not Important Not… Read more »

animal facts

Enjoy these 4 interesting animal facts. A tigers tongue is so rough it can lick the paint right off of buildings. It can also strip the skin right from the bones of another animal. 3 interesting things about the Scorpion Mouse- They’re carnivorous, immune to venom, and howl like a wolf to claim their territory…. Read more »

Science of Happiness

Ever wonder what the science of happiness is? The phrase “the science of happiness” refers to a new field of social science called positive psychology. If you could use an extra dose of happiness keep reading… 🙂  This Science of Happiness The Hippocampus- The area of the brain responsible for happiness and positive memories. Serotonin- A… Read more »

7 Science Facts we didn’t know at the start of 2017:

Comment below which one you found the most surprising!   7 Science Facts we didn’t know at the start of 2017: Hiding in our digestive system, a new human organ has been classified; please welcome your mesentery. Your appendix might not be vestigial. Your appendix might actually be serving an important biological function.  According to the… Read more »


If you want to sound professional and be perceived as a leader in the office then there are a few phrases you should cut from your vocabulary.   3 PHRASES TO CUT FORM YOUR WORK VOCABULARY: “No Problem” When someone thanks you for something the proper response is “You’re Welcome”. Though the phrase “No Problem”… Tags: , , , , , ,

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Follow these 4 simple ways to make sure your ending each day at work on a happy note. Set aside five minutes Write down what you have achieved for the day. “It’s a great confidence builder, and it helps you quantify and assess your strengths.” – William Arruda, Author of Ditch, Dare, Do. Seeing on… Tags: , ,

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