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Resume Tips, What to Include and What You Can Ditch!

It’s important as a job seeker that your resume sets you apart from the other hundreds of applicants out there fighting for the same position.  Below are some tips on what changes you can make to standout and what you can ditch to keep you from sounding like everyone else.


Company Descriptions

Only add company descriptions if the company on your resume is very off the grid and unusual. Include 1-2 lines about what the company is and does. This would fall below where you list the company name and before you start your bullets about your job.

Show Your Achievements; Don’t Claim Them With Cliché Words

Are you still using these age old terms “Go-getter”, “Results-driven”, “Self-motivated” and “Detail-Oriented”?  Update your resume to include the terms hiring managers prefer by using strong action words that define specific experience, skills and accomplishments. Words like achieved, improved, mentored, managed, and created are among your best bets, according to a CareerBuilder survey of HR professionals

Show What You’ve Done

Rather than a dull list of responsibilities use your resume to highlight what you’ve accomplished in your past positions.  Highlight accomplishments like completing a big project, closing a major sale or coming in under budget.  These tell a story and set you apart showing how you made an impact.



References Available on Request

Have a list of references ready to send over should the hiring manager ask but no need to imply this on your resume.


Only include your internships if you have limited professional work history. Otherwise, the only internships you should mention are ones that are powerful branders or will add immediate value.

Every single Facet Your Job Entails

As mentioned above show what you’ve done!   For example, if you are spending the majority of your day at work filing documents, yet you are applying for a job that demands an increased amount of responsibility, then you should focus on the work you do that is relevant to the position.  Focus on the skills and experiences you have that translate to the desired position.


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