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5 Cliché Phrases That Shouldn’t Be On Your Resume

In last week’s post we touched a little on cliché words to avoid on your resume . If you’re still using phrases like “go-getter”, Self-motivated”, “Results driven” it’s time to revamp your resume. The following phrases should also be nixed!

“Ability to accomplish objectives”

Show your objectives and accomplishments rather than describing your ability to complete them.

“Thought leader”

A list of publications, speaking engagements, board memberships or other extra curricula’s speaks louder than this buzzword.

“Highly motivated”

Everyone is “highly motivated” on a resume, yet anyone who’s held down a job knows that not everyone is highly motivated. Something doesn’t add up – and it’s the fact that this buzzword doesn’t actually describe anything.


Again, show the results and let them speak for themselves.

“Effective communicator”

Your resume itself is a document attesting to your communications skills, so using this word is like ending an essay with the phrase “this is a very good essay.”