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7 Phone Interview Tips

Nowadays many employers are opting to do more phone interviews to screen potential new hires before inviting them in for a face to face. By doing so, companies can filter through candidates without committing to the expense and time required for on-site meet-ups. The very first tip I’m going to give you is not to underestimate the importance of a phone interview. Without its success the likelihood of you being invited in for a sit down are slim. To insure you are prepared the next time your phone is ringing follow these extremely helpful tips below.

  • Print it out. Have a physical copy of your resume and the job description in front of you during the call. Be prepared with a list of items you want to cover during the conversation.
  • Disable extra phone features. If no land line is available and you must use a cell phone be sure to disable incoming notifications such as text messages and calls. These noises can be a major distraction and the fact that you’re distracted can be easily conveyed over the phone.
  • Make the call from home. It’s important to make the call in an environment with minimal noise and where you can speak at a reasonable volume. The more controlled the space you’re calling from, the less room for unanticipated distractions.
  • Give yourself time. Many job seekers make the mistake of trying to fit a phone interview during their lunch hour at work. But what if the interviewer is running a few minutes late? Most phone interviews last only a few minutes, but if you end up hitting it off with the interviewer, the last thing you want to do is have to cut them off.
  • Smile. Smiling when you speak brings energy and excitement to your voice. When speaking on the phone, your voice actually loses about half of its energy during transmission. Make sure your enthusiasm gets across by overcompensating.
  • Convince me. You must convince the interviewer that having you come into the office for a meeting will not waste their time. Make sure that your answers during the call reiterate your experience, interest in the position, and desire to continue the conversation in person.
  • Always be prepared. If you’ve been applying to a ton of places, it is possible you’ll receive an unexpected interview call. If you receive a call out of the blue and are not in the position to give your best interview then don’t be afraid to ask for a call back. This will give you time to be fully prepared.

While keeping in mind all of these helpful tips, don’t forget what the purpose of this call is: to earn an in-person meeting. Be sure to practice these helpful tips, earn that face to face interview and get that amazing offer.

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