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You’ve already done all the hard work, you have applied for the position, you have landed the interview and nailed it.  Now you are anxiously waiting for the job offer to come. A few weeks pass and no word from the hiring managers. You start to feel disappointed and believe you didn’t get the position.  Before giving up and moving on follow up with the hiring managers.

Check out two great tips on how to follow up and stay on the employer’s radar after the interview.

Thank You Note The note should be brief, friendly and conversational.  Restate your interest in the job and include relevant details on why you’re qualified. Your thank you note should include 4 parts:

PART 1: Thank the interviewer

PART 2: Bring up something specific from the interview (mutual interest, follow up question, appreciation of certain information shared)

PART 3: Reiterate why you’re a good fit

PART 4: Close by saying you’re looking forward to the next step.

Checking In Sending a thank you note after an interview is the easy part of following up. It’s a little different when you’re following up after a couple of weeks. You might worry that checking in will make you seem annoying, or worse, desperate. But if you do it right, you won’t seem like either. Say something like, “Hi Sarah, I hope all is well! You mentioned that you’d be finalizing your decision for the CRA position this week. I’m eager to hear when you have an update. Please let me know if there’s anything I can provide to assist you in your decision-making process.” This message provides the position details, timeline, and continued interest in the position.  Good luck!

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