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How Pharma Is Using Twitter To Connect With Patients

With social media quickly becoming the fastest way to connect to your target market Pharmaceutical companies are jumping on board. If you are searching a clinical trial or company updates, then pharma’s corporate Twitter feeds may just be the place for you. Unlike normal Twitter, Pharma Twitter is closely regulated by the FDA, and monitored by dozens of interest groups.

Here are the facts:

  • Nearly 335 company Twitter accounts as of June 2016, according to a list maintained by industry blog Eye on FDA,
    • These accounts represent some 69 companies, with several companies having multiple accounts, and 201 are active on a daily basis.
    • Most companies have accounts associated with certain divisions such as oncology or animal health; many even have accounts for different geographical regions. 
  • FDA regulations require the company to include the product name, indication, its most pressing risks and a link to an explanation of risks.
  • The 140-character confines still apply making it difficult for companies to promote their product.

Even with the many restrictions and regulations Pharma companies are making a presence on social media. Here are some of the best-known pharma names on Twitter:

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