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In the spirit of the Halloween Weekend, Quiz yourself on Halloween related fun!


1.) A spider’s web is made of what chemical substance?             
A. protein  B. starch  C. sugar  D. lipid or fat

2.) Spiders are : A. vegetarians  B. omnivores  C. carnivores

3.) Bats navigate and move through the night using:  
A. sonar  B. radar  C. infrared  D. night vision

4.) A pumpkin is orange. The orange pigment is what chemical compound or substance?
A. flavanoid  B. carotene  C. chlorophyll

5.) A typical, large pumpkin has how many seeds?                   
A. 1 or 2  B. about 10  C. dozens  D. hundreds

6.) A human skeleton is what kind of skeleton?
A. exoskeleton  B. endoskeleton

7.) The skeleton of humans and animals is made of what chemical compound?
A. sodium and potassium chloride  B. calcium carbonate  C. calcium chloride  D. calcium phosphate

8.) What special chemical is needed for “bioluminescence” and permits fireflies to light or glow?
A. ATP  B. glucose  C. fructose  D. starch  E. NAD

9.) Fog and mist seen at night is really:
A. carbon dioxide  B. carbon monoxide  C. nitrogen gas  D. water


1.) A. Protein is the biochemical composition of a spider’s web.

2.) C. Spiders are carnivores that usually “eat” other insects.

3.) A. Bats navigate and move through the night using sonar (echolocation).

4.) B. A pumpkin is orange because of the orange pigment chemical compound carotene.

5.) D. A typical, large pumpkin has hundreds of seeds.

6.) B. Endoskeletons are inside the body. Human and many animal skeletons are inside and under the skin and muscle of the animal. In contrast, insects and crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, shrimp), shellfish (clams, mussels, etc.)  and snails are examples of animals that have exoskeletons that enclose and protect  soft tissue underneath or within.

7.) D. Calcium phosphate is the material or chemical compound of bone. It is tough and strong. Calcium carbonate is what sea shells and limetone are made of.

8.) A. ATP is an energy molecule that reacts with luciferan under the direction and control of an enzyme called luciferanse to produce light or bioluminescence in fireflies.

9.) D. Water vapor that can be seen like clouds on the ground whether at at night or day is fog and mist.