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3 Of The Most Common Asked Interview Questions And How To Nail Them.

One of the best ways to prepare for an interview is to practice your response to the most commonly known interview questions.  There are a few questions you can pretty much assume will be asked at every interview. Below are some tips on how to best answer each one.

Tell Me About Yourself – Your response to this request will set the tone for the rest of the interview.  When an interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself,” the interviewer wants information that is pertinent to the job you’re interviewing for. List five strengths you have that are pertinent to this job (experiences, traits, skills, etc.). Prepare a script that includes the information you want to convey. Begin by talking about past experiences and proven success. What do you want the interviewer to know about you when you leave?


How Did You Hear About The Position- This is your perfect opportunity to stand out and show your passion for and connection to the company. For example, if you found out about the position through a friend or professional contact, name drop that person, and then share why you were excited to apply. If you found the company through an event or article, share that. Even if you found the listing through a random job board, share what specifically caught your eye about the role.


Why Do You Want This Job– Companies want to hire people who are passionate about the job. You should have a great answer about why you want the position. You can start by identifying a couple key factors that make the role a great fit for you, finish by saying why you would love to work for the company.

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