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3 Interview Questions and How To Nail Them

Not all interview questions are straight and to the point. Some may have you sitting there scratching your head. The last thing you want to do is appear unprepared in front of the hiring managers. Here are 3 questions that can seem intimidating but with some practice you can nail them.

Why should we hire you? Although this question seems intimidating it actually sets you up nicely to sell yourself and your skills to the hiring manager. Your answer to this question should do a number of things;

  • SHOW that you are a better candidate to hire than anyone else.

  • SHOW that you can not only get the job done, but deliver results.

  • SHOW that you are a great fit for the team and company culture.

The biggest thing here is SHOW, not TELL.  We’ve talked about this in previous posts.  Don’t just list your skills, demonstrate why you’re the best through examples of your previous work.

3 Of The Most Common Asked Interview Questions And How To Nail Them.

What do you consider to be your weaknesses? They key to answering this question is balance, you’ll raise some red flags if you answered with “I can never seem arrive to work on time” or “Nothing that I can think of right now”. Find a balance and say something like, “Sometimes I can be a little too critical of myself”. After you have stated your weakness always follow up with what steps you’re taking to improve. In this case say something like “Since I know I am a stickler and can waste time checking and rechecking my work I am making a conscious effort to trust myself more”.  

The managers are looking to see if you are aware of your weaknesses and how you handle them.  We all have them.  The important thing is that we realize what they are and address them.

What are your greatest professional strengths? This is your time to shine. Always highlight the strengths that are most relevant to the position you’re interviewing for. Be specific and give actual examples of how you’ve shown these strengths in the work place.

This question like the previous one demonstrates your awareness of self.  How are you compensating for your weaknesses?  In this case, how are you taking advantage of your strengths?  In your examples, show how they are can be used in the job you are interviewing for.