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Revolutionary Bionic Eye Implant Allows Blind Patients to See Again

Who Invented the Bionic Eye?
Mark Humayun, a Pakistani American developed the BionicEye which restores vision to most blind people. Mark received the prestigious National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Obama. Click here for more information.
How it works:
A pair of glasses with a built in camera captures what the patient it seeing and sends a video to a small computer worn on the hip. The small computer then converts the video into the necessary data. The data is then sent wirelessly to the implant in the eye.
About the implant:
The implant is surgically place on the patient’s retina. When the implant receives data from the small computer it stimulates the retina’s remaining cells through pulses of electricity.
What do the patents see?
The bionic eye doesn’t give the patient 100% use of their eye sight again but what it does do is life changing for those who have been living in the dark for so long. They cannot see the full picture of what they’re looking at but they can tell the difference between objects that are light and dark. They can see doorways and can tell if people move or pass them. The difference is a dramatic change for those who are used to seeing nothing but darkness.
Who can benefit from a Bionic Eye Implant?
This revolutionary technology is said to be a possible help for patients suffering from glaucoma, cancer, diabetic retinopathy, or trauma.
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