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Interviewers will often ask questions that require a lot of thought and detail. Be prepared to answer questions like “Describe the most difficult/rewarding…” or “Give me an example where you…” By using the STAR Technique you can keep organized with your thoughts and give specific examples in an organized fashion telling your experience from beginning to end.

Here we take a look at every stage of the STAR Interview Method.

Situation – This is about setting the scene, describe the situation you were in and what you needed to accomplish. Be sure to provide enough details for the interviewer to fully understand what situation you were in.

Task – This is more specific to your exact role in the situation. You need to make sure that the interviewer knows what you were tasked with, even if it was a group effort be sure to highlight your specific role.

Action you took – This is the most important part of the technique, take this time to highlight what the response was. Describe the action you took and be sure to keep the focus on you.

Results you achieved – Based on the experience you just provided the interview should now be able to answer these questions- What happened? How did the event end? What did you accomplish? What did you learn?

TIP- Be prepared to answer at least 4 questions in the manner and always practice your delivery beforehand.


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