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How Many Can You Get Correct?

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1) What is the most prevalent protein in the body?

  1. Collagen

  2. Actin

  3. Immunoglobulin

  4. Hemoglobin


2) The term Antibiotic was coined by

  1. Alexander Flemming

  2. Selman Walksman

  3. Louis Pasteur

  4. Gerry Wright

  5. Ernst Boris Chain


3) What does “CRISPR” stand for?

  1. Clustered Regular Interdependent Signal Protein Repeats

  2. Clustered Regularly Interference Single Plasmid Repeats

  3. Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats

  4. Clustered Regularly Independent Small Parallel Repeats


4) Adhesion provides a signal for adherent cells to do which of the following?

  1. Growth and Division

  2. Transduce differentiation signals

  3. Enhance survival

  4. All of the Above


5) Cell culture is in vitro because (choose the best answer)?

  1. Cells are not touching each other.

  2. Cells have lost some proteins.

  3. Interactions with other cell types and 3d interactions are lost.

  4. Changes occur in the cell membrane


6) Lentiviruses are a subclass of which virus strain?

  1. Retroviruses

  2. Adenoviruses

  3. Adeno-associated Viruses

  4. Herpes Viruses


  7) What cell types can lentiviral vectors infect? (Check all that apply)

  1. Non-dividing cells only

  2. Actively dividing cells

  3. Quiescent cells



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Answer Key:

1) 1

2) 2

3) 3

4) 4

5) 3

6) 1

7) 1


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