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3 Things The Best Candidates Have In Common

Top candidates often have similar characteristics. What you mind find surprising is how simple it can be to adopt those characteristics yourself.  The following three tips are keys to the successes of top candidate interviews:

1) They Made it Obvious Why They Fit The Company:

  • Make it clear that you have the same values and passion.
  • Push yourself to stand out and not give reply’s that will make you sound like everyone else.

Example: Does the company support a cause or charity that’s also dear to you? Propose a plan of action to get more of the employees involved.

2) It Was Clear To See They Were Listening:

  • Let’s say you asked a question to the interviewer and they just finished responding. What’s the next thing you do? What NOT to do is to quickly jump to another question that is completely off topic. This shows you are not paying attention and may just be asking random questions.
  • What does impress interviewers is when they answer a question and you respond with unrehearsed follow up question. Showing that you are paying attention.

3) Writing a Thoughtful Thank You Note:

  • Reference something that was said in your interview.
  • Reinforce the connection you started to build.
  • In addition to sending an email within 24 hours, also send a handwritten Thank You note.


The candidates who rise to the top are the ones who also take the time to connect with the interviewer. These are the types of people who usually end up with a job offer at the end.


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