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Technology has made it so we can communicate with anyone from anywhere with the click of a button. This convenience can sometimes lead people to make simple mistakes. How you communicate with others in the work place can greatly affect how people perceive you in the office. Take these pointers below to insure you are using the proper communication etiquette over the phone and via email.


Don’t answer the phone if you’re meeting with other people:

  • By answering the phone in front of someone you’re meeting you’re basically communicating that the person over the phone is more deserving of your time then they are.

Don’t place your phone on the table when you have company:

  • Again, this can make your guest feel uncomfortable and like you are ready to drop them if you need to connect with someone else.

Let the other person know if they are on speaker phone:

  • If you have to place someone on speaker phone the proper thing to do is let them know.
  • Also if others are in the room you should communicate that to the person on speaker as well.

Be aware of your speaking volume:

  • Simple enough. Be conscious of how loud you are when speaking over the phone.


Use a professional email address:

  • Never use an email that is not appropriate for the work place such as nicknames.
  • Example of what you should use- Firstname.lastname@…

Think twice before hitting reply all:

  • Before you click reply all make sure the email pertains to everyone.

Be cautions with humor:

  • Last but not least, if you’re trying to be funny but aren’t sure how some people will receive the joke it’s probably best to leave it out.
  • When in doubt, leave it out.

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