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5 Reasons Behind Typical Interview Questions

There are a handful of interview questions that you can pretty much expect to be asked. There is a reason why they are the most common questions asked and if you’ve ever wondered why then keep reading onto my examples below! 

5 Reasons Behind Typical Interview Questions:

QuestionWhy Should I hire you?

IntentionLet’s see how confident this candidate is.


QuestionWhat are your weaknesses?

IntentionThis questions shows how self-aware you are.


QuestionTell me about yourself?

IntentionThis question is to test how good you are at presenting yourself and communication.


QuestionTell me about a time you failed?

IntentionThe interviewer mainly wants to hear how you handled the situation.


QuestionIf I asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?

IntentionThis tests if you are a people person and how open and honest you can speak about yourself.

When you begin to understand the meaning behind some of these common questions you can answer them better. Now that you understand why these 5 questions are asked does the way you answer change at all?

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