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4 Tips For Surviving A Digital Interview

Imagine your next interview: You’re alone, you never actually meet or speak with a live person, and you are staring into a camera answering pre-recorded questions on a lap top or tablet. Digital Interviews are becoming more popular.  Are you prepared to excel at a web cam interview?

Here are 4 tips to help you get prepared:

  • Remember that most interviews are behavioral-based:
    • When being asked about you specific skill set be sure to answer with real life experiences and examples.
    • Come to the interview prepared with several examples for the most common skills hiring managers are looking for.
  • Practice out loud — with a camera on:
    • Create a mock interview at home while recording yourself answering questions.
    • Although this may seem uncomfortable to do at first the benefit of being able to review and practice this before actually doing it is huge.
    • Normally you have feedback, be it tone of voice or body language from your interview. You no longer have this.  Practice to ensure you’re concise and confident in your answers.
  • Show energy and enthusiasm:
    • Avoid being monotone or fluctuating your volume of your voice, avoiding being sometimes louder, sometimes softer.
    • Smile, tilt your head and show expression.
    • You can only get better at this with practice.
  • Think production values:
    • Make sure you’re the proper distance from the camera so you’re visible from just below your shirt collar and up, but your face doesn’t take up the entire screen.
    • Dress appropriately and make sure the room is lit well.
    • Test your microphone.
    • Wear a headset so the interviewer doesn’t get feedback.
    • Try to minimize background noise, and be very aware of what else will be seen in the background.
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