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Starting a new position can be stressful and you may feel a lot of pressure to make big impressions quickly. There are a few things you can do to make this transition a smooth success and also a few things to avoid setting you back.


  • Establish quick wins- This can be as simple as getting to know coworkers or quickly learning how to use the company’s software. Starting will smaller tasks/goals can get you an early win which managers will notice.

  • Talk less, Smile more- Keep in mind you are a new face to the company so all eyes will be on you. For that reason you should be cautious about over speaking. Ask questions but remember how to listen.

  • Be friendly without immediately aligning yourself with any one employee or employee group. Avoid forming fast alliances and friendships and keep in mind just like outside of the office you will be judged by the company you keep.


  • Show off- Avoid making a big splash when you are a new hire.

  • Set big goals- As a new hire you’re still getting familiar with the company and your new position. Setting big goals will be hard to achieve when you are new to the team.

  • Broadcast your personal issues.

  • Decorate or excessively personalize your work area.

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