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A cheat sheet of buzzwords and phrases that are popular at the moment.

  1. Elevator Pitch

    • A quick way to communicate your purpose and talents. Compelling and to the point, elevator pitches aim to pique someone’s interest and entice them to learn more about you.

  1. Culture Fit

    • To express or exhibit the values, behavior and attitude that complements a company’s organization.

    • Hiring someone who fits within a company’s atmosphere.

  1. Career Branding

    • Marketing yourself in a professional setting.

    • Tactfully painting a picture of your career accomplishments, talents, and skills to convey your expertise.

  1. Recareering

    • To change one’s career, usually late in life. Not a job change, but a completely different career path.

    • The goal is to increase money, position and influence.

  1. Thinking Talents

    • Instinctive ways of thinking.

    • They set you apart from the crowd and will help you excel at work and find a career you’re passionate about.


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