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5 “feel good” Science Breakthroughs you may have missed:


  1. Common Cold Cure A Step Closer
    • Scientists claim to have “cracked” the genetic code which underpins the illness’s many strains.
    • Researchers now say a simple gene-targeting drug able to cure all examples of the virus may be available within ten years.


  1. The Ozone Layer Is ‘Repairing Itself’
    • Measurements of the ozone hole taken in September revealed the breach has shrunk by more than 1.5 million square miles since 2000.
    • Researchers attributed the recovery to the continuing decline of atmospheric chlorine origination from chlorofluorocarbons (chemical compounds that were banned when nations around the world signed the Montreal Protocol in 1987).


  1. Giant Panda No Longer Endangered
    • The giant panda, commonly a symbol for conservation, has been downgraded from “Endangered” to “Vulnerable” according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
    • The report credits forest protection and reforestation measures in China for increasing the available habitat for the species.


  1. Brain Implant Helps Quadriplegic Man
    • After years of paralysis, a man was able to pick up a cup of coffee and take a sip, thanks to experimental technology that allowed brain signals to control his arm with the help of a computer.
    • This brain implant gives hope to millions of people currently suffering from paralysis.


  1. Organ Transplant Breakthrough
    • Researchers have cleared a major barrier to transplanting organs from pigs to humans by removing threatening viruses from animal DNA.
    • This discovery opens up the possibility of breeding animals to harvest their organs to meet the demand.


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