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As we get closer to the end of the year, more and more holidays, are upon us.  This means truncated work weeks, time away from the office for vacations and holiday parties.  

As much as we are all ready for a break make sure you do the following before checking out:

  • Set an Out of Office Email and Voicemail. Make sure to include the following:

    • When are you going to be out?

      • Will you be out for a few days, a few weeks? By providing dates, it lets people know when to expect a response.  This prevents a plethora of repeat emails because someone is testing your Out-Of-Office message.  It also helps people prioritize matters and determine if they can wait till you return or if someone else needs to be contacted.

    • Should we expect a delayed response or no response at all?

      • Sometimes we’re not in the office, but still connected. Sometimes, we are completely away from our devices with no chance or responding until the return date.  Help people out by letting them know if they should be patient or if they should reach out to someone else in the meantime.

    • Who should we contact if there is an urgent matter?

      • Provide name and contact information of a colleague. This way if there is truly an emergency your colleague can get in touch with you.  If it’s not an emergency, your colleague should be able to handle the situation or delay until your return. 


Thank you for reaching out.  I will be out of the office from Nov. 22nd through Nov. 28th.  I will have limited email access during this time.  For urgent matters, please contact Jean Terapi at or 511-311-ATGC.


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