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Revising and updating your resume can take some time, time not everyone has. If you’re looking to revamp your resume but don’t have a lot of time here are 5 quick, easy ways to make your resume standout and get noticed. 

Remove the Fancy Formatting

  • A clean, well-organized resume is highly preferred over one with pictures, fancy borders, and imaginative formatting.  Stick to Black and White and fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.

Add Your LinkedIn Profile

Move Your Education

  • A little rearranging is an easy way to make your resume stand out, move education down below your experience.

Break Up Your Skills Section

  • Have a lot of skills? Try breaking it down to sections. Example; “Language Skills” or “Software Skills”.

Remove Your Address

  • If you’re not local, recruiters might not look any further. If you are, recruiters may take your commute time into account and turn you down if they think it would be too long.

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