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8 Career Refreshing and Boosting Steps

There are still 3 weeks left in 2017 and before we start the holidays and celebrations ask yourself how prepared are you to start another year?


Here are 8 Career Refreshing and Boosting Steps:


  1. Write Out Your One-Year Plan
    • Do you have your sights set on a promotion or raise? How are you going to take your career to the next level? There is nothing that will make you feel clearer and focused then writing out a plan. Detail what it’s going to take to get you where you want to be at the end of next year.
  1. Read a Career-Boosting Classic
    • There are so many inspirational career advice books out there. Do your research, find something you connect with and feed your brain.
  1. Update Your Professional Wardrobe
    • Treat Yourself! A new outfit does wonders to someone’s confidence; buy yourself a new pair of work shoes or blazer.
  1. Write Down Your Wins
    • Create a list of your professional accomplishments of the year. The next time you decide to revamp your resume you can easily use some of these bullet points.
  1. Reorganize Your Workspace
    • Clear your work space and wipe down the surface. Put back only the items that are essential for daily use.
  1. Clean Out Your Inbox
    • Delete old emails, organize your inbox and unsubscribe to spam emails.
  1. Send a Thank You Note
    • Reach out to a coworker, manager or mentor and let them know how they helped inspired you. A simple hand written note is all it takes to make someone feel special.
  1. Choose a Skill You Want to Improve in 2018
    • Before the New Year even begins pick a skill you want to improve. Map out how you’re going to improve on that skill. You could attend seminars or sign up for a class. Stay motivated!


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