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Having worked with email for as long as I have I can honestly say I’ve seen it all. Subject lines that left me confused, made my eyes roll, or a mix of the two.  The point of this articles it to clear up all that confusion so the next time you send an email to a coworker they understand exactly what you need.


5 Common Email Subject Lines To Avoid & An Alternative Option:

  1. “Status Update”

Alternative Option: “Requesting a Status Update on (Subject You Want An Update On).

  1. “Next Steps”

Alternative Option:  “Next Steps on (Project You’re Working On)

  1. “Question for you”

Alternative Option:  “Question for you about (Thing You Have A Question About)

  1. “Following up on our Meeting”

Alternative Option For Sending Out Reminders“(Date) (Topic) Meeting Follow-up Reminder: (Task or Assignment) Due Dates

Alternative Option For Just Recapping The Meeting:  “(Date) (General Topic) Recapping our meeting on (Topics Discussed)

  1. “Wanted to Check in with you”

Alternative Option:  “Checking in about (Project or Question)


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