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Opening up to your colleagues always feels like the right thing you do but at what point do you feel like you’ve crossed a line? Sharing aspects of yourself in the right way can do wonders for your career and office life. At the same time oversharing and revealing the wrong things can have a devastating effect on your career.




 $$$ How much money you make.

  • Keep your income private to avoid giving your coworkers a direct measure of comparison. Discussing how much money you make in the office comes off as arrogant, boastful and breeds negativity.
  • As soon as everyone knows how much you make they will start to compare your work against your income.


  That you don’t like your job.

  • Doing this will earn you the label of negative person, not a team player, a complainer. All things we do not want to be known for in the office.
  • Bosses are also quick to catch on to anyone bringing the office morale down and will eagerly find a replacement for any employee displaying this type of behavior.


That you think someone is incompetent.

  • Nothing is gained from discussing another colleague’s incompetence. On the contrary, you might earn yourself a callous reputation that might hurt you around the office.


That you’re job hunting.

  • What if finding a new position takes longer than expected or even worse you don’t get the position you interviewed for?
  • Even telling one person can result in the whole office chatting about your departure so until everything is finalized and you have spoken to your boss keep this to yourself.


  Your political beliefs.

  • Discussing politics in the office is a risky thing. People’s beliefs are closely tied to their identities and having a disagreement in the office about someone else’s views can change their perception of you.
  • If you can’t avoid the conversation entirely at least be willing to listen to others without inputting your opinion, all it takes is one disapproving comment or look to start unnecessary conflict in the work space.


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