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How to Make Your Elevator Pitch in 5 Easy Steps!

Your pitch is how you introduce yourself to your potential new employer.

Make Your Elevator Pitch in 5 EASY STEPS:

  1. Introduce yourself ~ Keep it simple
    • What’s your name, degree, and years of relevant experience?
  1. What do you know about the company ~ Show the company you’ve done your research
    • Relate specific information about the company to demonstrate how interested you are in working there.
  1. What makes you unique ~ highlight experiences and skills that would benefit the employer
    • Describe previous work/internship/volunteer experience.
    • Connect your unique skills sets with the goals and direction of the company.
  1. What are your goals ~ What is important to you in your career
    • What type of positions are you interested in?
    • What is the type of skills you would like to apply?
    • How can you apply your skills and goals to specific opportunities at the company?
  1. Close with a strong conclusion ~ Final impressions can be lasting impressions
    • Be prepared with strong questions to ask the interviewer
    • Confirm your interest in the position
    • Exchange contact information and Follow Up!


Via- The University of Georgia Career Center


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