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Did you know there are simple behavioral solutions to help you get motivated to work? Here are 5 scientifically proven examples of things you can do to motivate yourself to get through your day or even to finish a project.

  1. Chant A Mantra-

    • One study found that positive affectivity can increase work motivation.

      • Tell yourself out loud how important it is to complete today’s projects and how you’re going to get them done.

      • Remind yourself you can do it!

  1. The Power In Your Pose-

    • Research has shown that sitting with an open, expansive posture can increase testosterone and the feeling of power and tolerance for risk.

      • Try the Superman Pose- Place your hands on your hips and push out your chest while keeping your chin up.

  1. Start Small-

    • Studies show that those who are successful at self-management break down their tasks into small achievable, measurable work.

      • Make your work load more manageable by creating a list of smaller tasks and stay committed.

  1. Collaborate-

    • Research shows that taking collective pride in a project can increase motivation.

      • Ask for input from a coworker and keep them in the loop on the progress.

  1. Daydream a movie of your success-

    • Studies have proven that imagining your future success from a third-person perspective can boost your motivation.

      • Shut your eyes for 10 minutes and daydream about your success on the project/task at hand.


How do you stay motivated at work? Comment below!!


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