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If you’ve worked in the same office with the same coworkers for some time now it may be easy to forget proper office etiquette.



  1. Mute your computer/cell phone – Everyone doesn’t need to be notified when you get an email or call.


  1. If your office is an open floor space here are a few things to avoid-
    • Humming, muttering, singing, tapping & whistling
    • Listen to your voicemail by receiver and not on Speaker phone
    • Meetings with more than 2 people should be held in a conference room
    • Use headphones for music


  1. Do not use the restroom to socialize– The restroom is not the place to take personal calls and catch up with family member and friends. Save those conversations for your lunch break when you are away from the office.


  1. Cursing in the office is unprofessional– Be mindful of the way you speak in front of your colleges and bosses.


  1. Dress appropriate for the office environment you work in– Your attire should be professional no matter if your office is business casual or suits and ties.


  1. Hygiene should be handled at home– It is not appropriate to clip/file your nails or brush your teeth in the office. Handle your hygiene at home!


  1. Keep your work space organized– If you eat lunch at your desk (like many of us do) clean up after yourself, if a coworker approaches you with a question the last thing they want to see or smell is your leftovers.


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