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Without even realizing it the way we speak might not be portraying us as the leaders we are in the office. Here are 3 phrases I hear all the time that can easily be exchanged for powerful verbiage that will make us sounds like more confident leaders.


Trade Can’t for Don’t

For Example-

  • I can’t normally take on this type of candidate…
    • This sentence has way more power than saying you can’t do something.

Instead Try-

  • don’t take on this candidate…
    • Gives off the impression that you might be swamped with work, more importantly it doesn’t sound like something a leader would say.

Trade Confused for More information

For Example-

  • I am confused what steps you need me to take to…
    • To admit you are confused can take away your confidence as a leader.

Instead Try-

  • Can you please provide me with more information on…
    • Ask for clarification without admitting how confused you are.

Trade Won’t for Try

For Example-

  • This won’t work…
    • Saying something won’t work sounds very negative and like you’re not willing to listen to more ideas.

Instead Try-

  • Can we try to discuss further to work through…
    • Stay positive, if you have a suggestion on what could work offer that as a follow up instead of simply saying something won’t work.


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