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We all know that women go through a lot when they become mothers but do we fully know the extent to which women change during pregnancy? For instance did you know a moms brain alters during the pregnancy process.

3 Interesting Facts About Moms:

  1. There’s a reason she’s OCD

    • A study done by researchers at Northwestern University showed that 11 percent of new moms had symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). From consistently checking the baby monitor to fear of germs moms can obsess over everything when it comes to their newborn.

    • All though most OCD is just from a nervous new mom it can also be caused by something a little more serious such as stress or postpartum hormones.

  1. The power in mom’s voice

    • A Study done by Queens University in Canada found that fetal hearts beat faster when they were played a recorded poem read by mom verse a strangers voice.

    • The University of Montreal conducted a study which found that a newborn baby’s brain is as responsive as the fetal heart. When the mom made a short sound the left hemisphere of the baby’s brain became active.

  1. Mom’s a genetic patchwork

    • known as Microchimerism – This is when fetal cells remain in mom’s body long after baby is born. The cells can last years or even decades.

    • It is still unknown to scientists what role if any these cells play but in 2012 a study found that DNA from a child’s cell could even end up in mom’s brain.


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