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5 Ways to work Smarter not Harder

It’s easy to get lost in the numerous tasks we need to accomplished every day and what value they really have.  Try these 5 tips and see how working smarter not harder saves you some time in the office.


Comment below if these tips have had an impact on your work!

5 Ways to work Smarter not Harder:

  1. Reduce the amount of decisions you need to make per day
    • Build routines/habits so that not everything is a decision you need to make
  1. Use GPS
    • GOAL- Ask yourself “What will my project look like when I’m done?”
    • PURPOSE- Make sure you have an understanding of the “why” of the project.
    • SCOPEProvide deadlines, budget, resources and audience.
  1. Measure your results, not your time
    • Instead of counting the hours you worked on a project, judge your success by the results you produced.
    • The work you produce is what ultimately drives your success, you could have spent hours on a project but if what you produced doesn’t impress your manager did the hours you spent on it really matter?
  1. Organize emails throughout the day
    • As you get emails organize them following these rules- Tuck it, Transfer it or Trash it.
    • Tuck it- This email doesn’t require a response right away, set a reminder and save for later.
    • Transfer it- You aren’t the correct person to answer the email received, transfer it to someone who can respond.
    • Trash it- This email is not relevant or is something you’ll never need to look at again, get ride of it.
  1. Block your most productive hours
    • Save your most productive hours for your most important tasks.
    • For example; if you are a morning person block some morning hours on your calendar and schedule that time to the projects that need your undivided attention.


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