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3 Leadership Skills Everyone Needs in Times of Change

Change is constant, it’s time we embrace it. Even better than just embracing it-learn to lead through it! You’ll have the advantage in the workplace and in the job market. In fact, employers today consider adaptability to be an essential on-the-job skill.

Here are three essential leadership skills you should embrace today.

Projecting Confidence

Projecting confidence starts with knowing you have the skill set to deal with the change or crisis heading your way. Remember you are in your role for a reason and you can handle it.

  • Act without hesitation- it’s important to appear decisive.
  • Put things in perspective- oftentimes, we get worked up about a situation and miss the big picture.
  • Dress up- You’ve heard the saying “dress for the job you want, not the one you have”.

Being Transparent

Transparency is so essential because in its absence, the rumor mill churns, cutting into productivity and morale.

  • Don’t keep responsibilities and job functions a secret- create a list of responsibilities so each employee can take ownership of a specific set of tasks.
  • Share results- don’t just share plans, let employees see what worked and what didn’t.
  • Hire the right people- maintain a transparent culture as your company grows, hire people who are excited about your approach.

Championing Change

Not in a formal leadership role? Apply whats called “self-leadership” and think about your scope of influence. How can you champion for change?

  • Be willing to listen to new ideas- be open to feedback, new ideas.
  • Focus on solutions- keep conversations positive and be solution oriented.
  • Vision Alignment- alignment is a key factor for success, in order for someone to positively respond to your new initiative, they must see how it fits within the company’s goals.
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