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7 Job Hunting Tips To Turn Your Search Around

Finding the right job opportunities and standing out in a competitive market is tough. Too many professionals are unsure how to effectively look for a new job, since there are so many resources out there and so many steps to take. The good news is you can find a satisfying job; you just need a plan, dedication and realistic goals.

Here are 7 basic job search tips for a more effective job search:

Have a clear direction- This will help you streamline your search on job boards because you will know exactly what you are looking for, saving you time and energy.

Use your network- You should not overlook the power of networking for an effective job search. Job hunting in your network is not limited to just Social Media, you can also include your alumni or industry associations and community organizations.

Set a schedule and stay organized- Keep track of the jobs you have applied for and any next steps for following up. This will help you to save time, since all of the information will be in one place.

Read job descriptions carefully- Make sure to read the job description and instructions carefully. Failure to follow their directions can lead to your application being rejected.

Update your signature line and voicemail- Make sure that your contact information is included in your signature line, along with a link to your LinkedIn profile. Your voicemail message is also important and should sound upbeat, professional and confident.

Research companies- Your research will tell you whether you want to or are qualified to work for that company. It also gives you valuable information you can reference in your cover letter or interview.

Identify examples of your skills- People tend to remember engaging stories and examples over lists of facts. Plan ahead by identifying personal experiences or accomplishments that highlight the skills needed for a certain job. 

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