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Tag: Lung Cancer

Prodrugs Continue to Show Encouraging Results in Fighting Solid Tumors

Prodrugs are medications that only activate once inside the body.  The conversion happens once the inactive drug is triggered.  The metabolized drug is then able to undergo its pharmacological activity.  Prodrugs can help reduce toxicity, increase bioavailability, reduce other drug interactions, and various other benefits.

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Today women use mammograms to test for lumps in their breasts but a new study shows that a blood test could one day be a more accurate way to test for breast cancer. The new clinical study was funded by Cancer Research UK in collaboration

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Spice Up Your Life and Fight Cancer with Peppers

3,000 year old medicine rises again in modern science.  UT Southwestern Medical Center has identified a chemical in the Long Pepper (Piper longum), a spicy Indian pepper plant found in Southern India and Southeast Asia. THE MODERN SCIENCE The chemical is Piperlongumine (PL) PL to

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