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Tag: Parkinson’s disease

The Immune System Attacks in Parkinson’s Disease

Scientists have theorized for over 100 years that a tie exists between Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and the immune system, however an association was unable to be identified through prior investigation until now… Parkinson’s Disease – The Basics Progressive disorder affecting movement Neurons called substantia nigra

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Caffeine and Dementia

  Caffeine has been put through the ringer.  One day it’s good for you, the next day maybe not so much.  Indiana University has added to the positive side of the list, demonstrating caffeine’s effect on one of the proteins that lead to dementia. THE

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Parkinson’s Linked To Gut Bacteria

One of the world’s most common debilitating brain disorders is Parkinson’s disease. Researchers have found a link between the bacteria in the gut and the onset of Parkinson’s disease. This new finding can change the way we treat the disease, suggesting that the best way

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