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Tag: Science News

Recent Drug Development News

Recent Drug Development News – R&D Partners

In the life sciences field, groundbreaking developments in drug discovery continually reshape the landscape of medical advancements. That fact is evidenced in some recent positive strides in pharmaceutical research. As scientists push the boundaries of knowledge, the pursuit of safer, more effective treatments takes center

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BioAge Picks Up Muscle-Aging Program From Amgen

BioAge Licenses Amgen Drug To Treat Muscle Aging

Via: BioAge Labs is adding a third program to its pipeline. The new treatment, licensed from Amgen, is designed to combat muscle aging and could be useful in helping older people recover from surgery more quickly, decreasing muscle atrophy after a long hospital stay

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Important Ways Henrietta Lacks Changed Medical Science

There has been a lot of interest and awareness about Henrietta Lacks’ contribution to medical science lately, and certainly if you work in biotech it pays to be aware of how HeLa cells have shaped our industry.  Here is a brief article that touches upon

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How Pharma Is Using AI Deep Learning To Cure Aging

Scientists are on the brink of a major breakthrough that will cure the diseases of aging.  Here are the details: THE DISCOVERY: The parallel processing of Graphics processing units (GPUs) beat out central processing units (CPUs) at simulating biological learning, determined scientists in 2011. THE

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Caffeine and Dementia

  Caffeine has been put through the ringer.  One day it’s good for you, the next day maybe not so much.  Indiana University has added to the positive side of the list, demonstrating caffeine’s effect on one of the proteins that lead to dementia. THE

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