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Tag: Science

Scientists And Engineers Have Among the Highest Employment Rates, Study Shows

Scientists and Engineers Have Among the Highest Employment Rates, Study Shows

Via:   A new study that looks into employment has found that doctoral recipients enjoy extremely high employment rates, especially in the fields of science and engineering. The report from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCES) published on June 1 found that the doctoral workforce

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12 Holiday Fun Facts

Norwegian scientists have hypothesized that Rudolph’s red nose is probably the result of a parasitic infection of his respiratory system. It takes Christmas trees usually about 15 years to grow before they are sold. 79 Percent of US Households will display a tree this holiday

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Molecular Switch Finding May Help Drive Stem Cells to Desired Cell Type

Using CRISPR, epigenetic researchers at the Babraham Institute in the United Kingdom control gene activity in human embryonic stem cells.  The understanding of the targeted molecular switches on PRC2 increases the efficiency of differentiating stem cells, furthering their regenerative medicine research. Here are their findings:

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Did You Know?

SPHENOPALATINE GANGLIONEURALGIA Is The Scientific Term For Brain Freeze!   For more Science Fun Facts Click Here

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BioScience Forum Presents- Michael Kavanaugh

R&D Partners is excited to attend the BioScience Forum, volunteering monthly at the networking and presentation event. This month Michael Kavanaugh, CSO and Head of Research and Non-Clinical Development at CytomX Therapeutics will be discussing “Probody Therapeutics Enable Safer and More Effective Oncology Therapies” Join

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