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5 Tips For A Successful Experience Working With A Staffing Agency

Every year, staffing agencies match millions of people to new job opportunities. Here are 5 tips for a successful experience working with a staffing agency.

1) Timing, timing, timing

  • Respond quickly to an agency’s telephone call or email! Time is of the essence as the agency may be competing to get their candidates (you) considered by the employer ahead of those of a rival agency.


2) Make your CV stand out

  • Agencies receive so many bland-looking CVs that could be better structured that they merge into one after a while.
  • Ensure your CV is as attractive as possible so the agency will select you above the competition.


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3) Do your research 

  • Many staffing agencies specialize in their niche markets. Make sure you’re working with an agency that knows your job market.


4) Find the roles you want

  • Only apply for roles that you want. 
  • While the recruitment agent may be very persuasive, do not be pressured into considering a role that isn’t right for you.


5) Honesty pays

  • Be honest about your education, employment dates, etc. Inconsistencies that an employer picks up will reflect poorly, and they will lose trust in putting you forward for future vacancies.


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