Functional service provider

The benefits of FSP outsourcing

As a proven functional service provider, you can count on us to provide the unique skills and experience your studies require. We offer a pipeline-driven workforce solution that operates within your existing infrastructure & SOPs allowing you to maintain strategic control. Whether you are running drug, medical device or diagnostic trails, we deliver a team with the practical industry experience that is required based for site locations that need to be covered. 

With global reach and a knowledgeable team, we can deliver a scalable workforce for your most challenging trial needs in the following areas:

  • Device research and development
  • Medical device trails
  • Diagnostic trials
  • Drug trials
  • Site identification and selection
  • Global study start up
  • Data management
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Project management 
  • Safety and pharmacovigilance
  • Medical writing 
  • Therapeutic expertise

Global reach

With global reach and offices in all countries below, we can deploy FSP services worldwide.

Governance and oversight

Our approach is process-oriented, and analytics driven. We bring value to our engagements beyond competitive rates, by applying our time-tested methodology and our global solution design team yielding:

  • Recruitment of niche talent with an eye to long-term assurance of services continuity
  • Retention of essential talent once they have been assigned.
  • Resourcing and capacity management of an embedded services team, with flexibility to respond to fluctuating volume and workload.
  • HR oversight and Employee management including on-/off-boarding; support administrative functions.
  • Training and development through R&D Partners corporate training platform.

R&D Partners provides a dashboard customized for each program, we will provide analytics for decision making and resource engagement.

Our Governance through FSP, is comprised of a centralized Project Management Office (PMO), Powerful Talent Acquisition (TA) process, as well as Functional Services engagement model generate consistently stronger business continuity, training, while ensuring long-term dedication to your projects.

Benefits of partnering with an FSP like R&D Partners

At R&D Partners, part of the Acacium Group, we operate exclusively within life sciences and work to help good life science partners grow so they can innovate lifesaving and life-changing therapies and technologies to get them into the hands of more patients around the world faster.

Our Global Solution Design team considers all credible research to understand what delivers in the current world of work, giving our customers long-term, fit-for-purpose solutions. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to bring you a Dynamic RPO solution for these immediate requirements and discuss developing additional solution-based approaches where your emerging needs can be anticipated and planned for.

Our solutions are backed by research and innovation. We take a data & analytics approach when designing services. To that end, we are workforce trend watchers.

At R&D, our methodology is based upon proactive workforce solution design comprised of listening to you, analyzing your needs, and applying our expertise to meet your goals. In today’s marketplace, more than at any other time, customized and fit-for-purpose service strategies are the fundamental expectation for a successful engagement with a talent acquisition partner.

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