Rave reviews for R&D Partners

R&D made it easy for me in searching for qualified candidates to place on important positions in my company’s Drug Safety department. Their professionalism and careful approach were very helpful for me being new in the industry. I highly recommend R&D for their services.

Ruth C.

I have been working with R&D Partners for over 3 years now and have been very satisfied with their ability to deliver experienced clinical research professionals to meet my clinical trial needs. Over the years, I utilized R&D Partners services for several unique clinical project needs and they have consistently delivered. I would recommend their services.

Hassan M. – Sr. VP

R&D Partners consistently provide top-notch clinical research professionals to meet an array of demanding positions within the Pharmaceutical Industry. Their industry knowledge makes them a go-to staffing partner to aid with difficult-to-fill positions. R&D has solid relationships with their consultants making them an easy referral for those searching for clinical opportunities.

Mary T.

R&D Partners have been a solid resource for our clinical staffing opportunities. Unlike many vendors, R&D Partners take the time to truly understand the needs of our open positions as well as the needs of their candidates. Their team consistently delivers on time and at a high level of quality. R&D Partners has earned my recommendation.

Dan N.

I have had the good fortune of working with R&D Partners for some time and have been very satisfied with their performance as a staffing firm. R&D Partners has both consistently and successfully placed talented Clinical Research Professionals at the top Biotechnology organization in South San Francisco. I have found their follow up to be swift and their attention to consultants on assignment to be consistent. R&D Partners pursues top talent with precision and enthusiasm and delivers it in very much the same fashion. When additional support is needed to troubleshoot an issue, they handle it with sensitivity and tact. R&D Partners makes it look so easy, but I know that delivering consistent quality results is everything but.

Kobie W.

R&D Partners has provided me the opportunity to interview with multiple companies for positions that were appropriate for my level and aligned with my areas of expertise. They helped secure a generous offer, and provided support throughout the process. The company has impressed me with their outreach efforts for charity, and I would definitely encourage partnering with R&D Partners for your next job.

Deborah S. – Consultant on Assignment

R&D Partners has impressed me with their ability to quickly deliver a strong pool of targeted candidates for our open Clinical positions. Their depth of industry knowledge and professionalism makes them an ideal partner to work with in a competitive skill set space. I highly recommend them for staffing support in these critical areas of drug development.

Matthew S.

R&D Partners provides me with excellent service and they are great to work with. I was extremely impressed with the amount of time they spent with me coaching me for a new job opportunity. R&D Partners is a great company to work with. I have no problem recommending this company to anyone.

Maritza M. – Consultant on Assignment

R&D Partners came along at a time when I needed to be rescued. There were several Firms who were recruiting for the company that hired me but R&D Partners were the only ones that had the additional information that gave me the confidence to proceed with an interview and then accept an offer. R&D Partners provided support at every step leaving nothing to chance in support of my success. The entire process was pleasantly professional. When any of my colleagues and friends are in need of making a change I will recommend R&D Partners without hesitation! Thank You R&D Partners!

Cheryl J. – Permanent Placement

I have really enjoyed my experience with R&D Partners. Being in this industry gives a person many opportunities to compare notes with other CRAs. While other CRAs were complaining about their staffing firm, I would sit and listen and realize how fortunate I was because I have absolutely no complaints with R&D Partners. They made the “contract” part of my job completely stress-free. The hiring process went very smoothly; not only did the staff at R&D Partners prepare me every step of the way through the interview/hiring process, but they made sure they were available at any time for questions or concerns.

One of the complaints I hear most often from other contract CRAs is the expense reimbursement process at their staffing firm. R&D Partners ensured that my expenses were always reimbursed in a timely manner; and the payroll department process was just as efficient. In addition to providing great service, your staff really takes a personal interest in your employees. I felt that my satisfaction was very important to R&D Partners. Your staff is friendly, professional, and a true pleasure to work with.

I have recommended R&D Partners to several of my fellow CRAs and I hope they follow my advice and contact you.

Debra L. – Permanent Placement