Recruiting for scientific, clinical and software engineering.

Staffing for the 21st Century

You can rely on R&D Partners to recruit talented professionals to meet your staffing needs. Whether the staffing issue you need to solve involves scientific, clinical or engineering, we will partner with you to assess the specific needs of your team and then pair those needs with talented professionals.

With over 200 years of combined staffing experience, our team is your trusted partner in life science, and engineering solutions.

As a niche life sciences recruitment agency, we take pride in assessing your staffing needs to determine how our team can provide you with the most qualified resources to meet your timelines and objectives.

Our Process

Finding Talent: The ability to successfully staff our clients’ positions starts with good communication, we begin with a detailed assessment of your current project needs. We then identify appropriate candidates utilizing our extensive database, market knowledge and our vast network of life science professionals. Once identified, candidates complete a screening process which includes thorough interviews, evaluation and reference checks. As a niche staffing agency, we take pride in providing accurate and pertinent information on each candidate that is presented to assist you with your selection.

Our Solutions

  • Consulting Solutions
  • Direct Hire
  • Consultant Care

We are laser focused on cultivating a distinguished network of experienced professionals to meet the contract staffing needs of our clients. We have a team of recruiters specifically dedicated to your niche and geography to meet your unique needs. 

We will partner with you to identify candidates that meet your organization’s unique skill requirements and cultural fit. As a true partner, we will function as an extension of your organization to attract and secure top life science talent.

Once placed into a contract role, it is our goal to ensure that the new hire is meeting your expectations. In order to maintain our consulting staff, which are dedicated to your project, we implement our consultant care program which is ongoing throughout the length of the assignment. Beginning with the first week in their position and throughout the assignment, our associates are in communication to ensure that everything is on track. This program can be tailored to each client to best meet their culture and environment.

Partner with a life science, clinical research and engineering recruitment agency.


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