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5 Things Not To Say During A Job Interview

The hiring managers have already invited you in for an interview which means they like what they saw on your resume. Now it’s time to meet face to face and leave a lasting impression. Everything you say is going to be a part of that impression.   5 Things Not To Say During A Job… Read more »


Your pitch is how you introduce yourself to your potential new employer. Make Your Elevator Pitch in 5 EASY STEPS: Introduce yourself ~ Keep it simple What’s your name, degree, and years of relevant experience? What do you know about the company ~ Show the company you’ve done your research Relate specific information about the… Read more »

5 Ways To Nail An Interview

IN-PERSON INTERVIEW ADVICE:   Prep copies of your resume/cover letter and print them on high quality paper: For the most formal appearance, choose resume bond paper available where office/school supplies are sold. Don’t use paper that is extremely dark, bright or pastel. They don’t convey a professional appearance in addition to aside from interfering with… Read more »

4 Tips For Surviving A Digital Interview

Imagine your next interview: You’re alone, you never actually meet or speak with a live person, and you are staring into a camera answering pre-recorded questions on a lap top or tablet. Digital Interviews are becoming more popular.  Are you prepared to excel at a web cam interview? Here are 4 tips to help you…

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Technology has made it so we can communicate with anyone from anywhere with the click of a button. This convenience can sometimes lead people to make simple mistakes. How you communicate with others in the work place can greatly affect how people perceive you in the office. Take these pointers below to insure you are… Tags: , , ,

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What Does “You’re Interviewing Them as Much as They’re Interviewing You” Actually Mean?

We’ve all heard the saying before “You’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you” but what does that actually mean? It actually means a lot more than just come prepared with questions to ask the interviewer.  Make sure that you are considering the following:  Red Flags- Many people never think about this but is… Tags: , ,

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